"I have suffered with blocked sinuses for more years than I remember and got to a point of having only very little smell and taste which really affected my quality of life negatively. I have seen all manner of medical people and used every medicine - both prescribed and over the counter with no particular improvement. I was then fortunate enough to find Liz. She is so caring and exceptionally professional. All I can say is that her exceptional holistic treatment has changed my life. I now smell and taste with an additional spin off. My ability to take part in physical activity at a much higher level, something I love to do to stay fit, has improved beyond my imagination because I can breath. I cannot recommend Liz more highly for both giving me back my quality of life and for the wonderful holistic treatment allowing me to find peace, giving me massive stress release and hugely improving my overall mental wellbeing.

Thank you so much Liz"

Claire Reece-Miller

"After 20 years of suffering from lymphedema despite visits to GP and hospital with no remedies other than have to learn to live with it. I have been attending reflexology with Liz since May this year I feel absolutely fantastic and finally feel like I am getting my legs back to normal. I have lost nearly 2 stone in weight. I cannot thank Liz enough for the fantastic work Liz does. I highly recommend Liz and would not hesitate in referring her services to. Liz is a very special caring genuine lady keep up the good work Liz."

Louise Fife, Wittering

"I've been seeing Liz regularly for a year and a half now and cannot recommend her highly enough. She is phenomenally talented and by far the best reflexologist I've ever been too...she's the next level of skill. You feel in super capable hands, and she is kind, caring and so naturally personable - she truly cares. She has turned my body around in a short time. I would never go to anyone else and feel extremely lucky to have found Liz. Thank you Liz X"

Rowena Dowsett, Oundle

"I started visiting Liz for reflexology nearly a year ago to help with PMS/pre menopausal problems. Liz has really helped rebalance my system and helped ease awful headaches and pain I was experiencing. I try to get to Liz every 2 weeks, but at least every month. I completely recommend Liz, she is extremely professional and a wonderful lady, putting you at ease immediately."

BGL employee, Hampton Hargate

"Wow what can I say I have been to Lily Holistics for around 6 treatments I feel a new woman Liz as turned my life around I have so much more energy Liz is a lovely warm lady so much knowledge you are welcomed into her home with such warmth and compassion Thankyou Liz"

Susan Anne Roberts, Stanground South

"I have been going to Liz now for about 2 years and every reflexology treatment is amazing. I feel relaxed, calm, peaceful and totally rebalanced I cannot recommend Liz enough. I count the days until my next treatment."

Georgie Walker, Uppingham

"Such a relaxing experience and with so many other health benefits! Reflexology has really helped balance me and solve some pains I had. I highly recommend Liz for all your reflexology needs :-)"

Sofia Hutson, Orton Wistow, Peterborough

"A truly delightful relaxing experience with Liz who is so very knowledgeable on the aspects of the body. Can’t recommend highly enough..."

Jane Hind, Wansford

"Many years ago I trained as a Reflexologist-but have not practised for many years. Finding Liz was the best thing I have done since a radical change of lifestyle left me feeling distinctly"uneasy in my skin". Having been treated by Liz over several months I can honestly say that both physically & mentallyI I feel I can now cope with life's rough edges. Liz is a skilled, professional & friendly therapist, whom I have no hesitation in strongly recommending to anyone who wants to regain control over their body & emotional wellbeing."

Maggie Evans, Warmington

"Are you aware how wonderfully helpful you are? Liz not only gives you arelaxing work out on your feet put also pin points any problems she finds, as I am no longer allowed a body massage reflexology from Liz ticks all the boxes. But she goes beyond that and gives advice and suggestions on how you may be able to get your body to work better, altogether great.

Best wishes Sylvia"

Silvia Richardson, Oundle

"I can definitely recommend Liz. She has been treating me for the past year and her reflexology treatment is making a tangible difference in my life. After visiting her Spa-like room, which is sparkling clean, I feel more healthy, relaxed and rejuveneted. She uses quality products that bring balance in my body. Liz always has a professional, friendly attitude and valuable advice. Thank you Liz!"

Tamar McAlistair, Stamford

"What an wonderful experience. Liz is excellent at what she does. I wish I could visit her every day. Reflexology is definitely what everyone needs in there lives, to help ground us in this busy world."

Lucy Sharpley, Thornhaugh

"Liz is an absolutely superb Reflexologist. I can't recommend her highly enough. You are literally in very safe hands"

- Vernon Meachen, Longthorpe

"What a great lady Liz is can't thank her enough amazing"

- Jayne Hubbard, Bourne

"When I arrived for my first appointment with Liz, it was following a short but debilitating illness and I felt quite down and generally under the weather. My whole body felt as if it didn’t belong to me and my feet actually hurt. Liz listened carefully to what had been going on with my health and tailored my sessions to address my needs. I have had around 6 sessions now and I feel great. My symptoms have improved dramatically, I am sleeping well and feel energised and able to cope. My mood has lifted and I have begun to feel like myself again. Every week I look forward to seeing Liz as I enjoy my sessions so much. It is so relaxing. Liz has shown me the importance of making time for myself and I am doing so completely guilt free. Fabulous. Thank you."

- Helen Farmer, Peterborough

"Liz is amazing. I’ve been going to see her for over a year now and it’s always a wonderfully relaxing environment. Liz is so knowledgeable in her field, she’s warm and so friendly. Seeing her regularly has really helped to address my ailments. The difference is remarkable. If you choose to do anything today then book some time with Liz. You won’t be disappointed and it’s worth every penny."

- Alison Morris, North Luffenham

The best day of the week is Thursday once a month when I treat myself to a reflexology treatment with Liz. The atmosphere she creates in a BGL meeting room is incredible and very quickly her and the room relax you. For 40 minutes you lie back and forget about work and life in general whilst Liz gently strokes and manipulates your feet allowing you to float off into dream world. I always leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to face the world with renewed spirit.”

- A BGL (corporation) employee

"I’ve had 2 sessions with Liz now and noticed an immediate difference after the 1st session. Liz is kind, warm and I leave her sessions feeling on cloud 9. It’s helped my sleeping tremendously, my general well being and energy levels. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

- Libby Morley, Ketton

"Dear Liz. Thank you so much for your amazing help! I will carry on with reflexology forever, such a wonderful practice. You are one of the kindest people I have met and I felt very comfortable with you, so thank you so much!"

- Danni, Stamford

"I am having the best experience with Liz, her sessions have helped me no end! She's such a kind, warm person, I feel so at ease. I look forward to it so much and can't believe how much I get out of each session."

- Danielle Jayne Altham, Stamford

"I have been to Liz only 3 times to date for reflexology and can't recommend her highly enough. Not only has it helped my arthritis back pain enormously, but the surprise for me was that my general health has had a huge boost. I have sooo much more energy than before and am a total convert. If you are thinking twice about it, just take the plunge and give Lily Holistics a go. Life-changing for me!"

- Louise Callow, Astwick

"Liz is amazing, calming, chilled and just very good at what she does"

Victoria Coombe, Peterborough

"Three weeks ago I was feeling anxious, extremely low, overwhelmed and down. I saw Liz for a treatment on the Tuesday and I can honestly say that the very next day I felt energised and relaxed for the first time in months. Three visits later and I have regained my enthusiasm for life! Liz is hugely professional, personal and put me at ease immediately. She is a gem!"

- Sandra, Stamford

"I've known about reflexology for a while now but had never experienced it for myself. Liz is extremely professional but equally warm and welcoming into her beautiful home. The time spent with Liz has become very important to me as I get to totally relax for an hour or so...and I have noticed an overall feeling of well being since having my sessions. If you are looking to try alternative therapies to rebalance your body then speak to Liz to see if reflexology might be helpful."

- Hayley Perkins, Market Deeping

"Liz is not only an excellent, passionate and experienced reflexologist, she is the most genuine, gentle and kind person. Liz is a good listener and she is understanding and supportive in whatever situation you might be going through. I feel that my sessions with Liz have not only helped me physically, but also emotionally and psychologically. Through Liz's nursing background she has a good understanding of different conditions and this too is an asset. Every visit to Liz is a blessing and I can highly recommend Lily Holistics."

- Alison Sethna, Peterborough

"Liz was recommended to me by a very good friend when my hormones in addition to a stressful job were playing havoc with me. Liz is brilliant, her calm demeanour, professionalism, knowledge and footwork (if I can call it that) is simply AMAZING. Time with Liz is sacred for me and it works whatever the ailment Liz will help identify a solution. I also consider her a true confidante and friend not to be taken lightly."

- Sarah Barnes, Luffenham

"Liz is an amazing reflexologist! I have had numerous treatments with her and am always looking forward to my next one. She is professional, knowledgeable and really helps me to "switch off" from everything. I would highly recommend anyone to see Liz for reflexology."

- Emma Hayes, Leicester

"I have been visiting Lizzie regularly for about a year for a wide range of ailments. After each visit I come away feeling tons better. Lizzie is a true professional, extremely knowledgeable and is such a lovely person. I can thoroughly recommend reflexology from Lizzie, not only is it an oasis of calm but I am still amazed about how much better it has made me feel."

- Joanna Higton, Castor

"I have been seeing Liz for reflexology for a number of years now and I can say what she does is amazing. Not only do you come away every time feeling so calm and relaxed but she also has helped me with various things over the years such as anxiety, hip pain, breast pain etc."

- Katie Patterson, Peterborough

"Liz is kind, professional and has a wealth of knowledge that she maintains with regular courses, updates and reading, so you really are receiving the best care! The treatments I have received have made a significant difference to my all round health with measurable improvements, more so than I ever expected as a Nurse myself. Her wonderful nature make the experience a real pleasure and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve any element of their health and well being. Liz, thank you for everything."

- Nicky M, Yarwell

Liz was looking for a case study for lymphatic drainage and since my breast cancer I have been suffering from this in my right arm. I have been to the clinic at the hospital 3 times and have been wearing a compression sleeve but it did not seem to be getting any better.

I have seen Liz 4 times and each time my arm has looked and felt less swollen. Even my daughter has noticed. Reflexology seems to have helped me with other issues that I have had such as, hot flushes, lethargy and lack of ability to think clearly. My treatment was in 2011 and since then I have been on numerous treatments and surgeries which have affected my hormones and my health. For the first time in 4 years I actually feel as though I can cope again without breaking down in tears and I now actually want to start looking after my health. I went to the gym for the first time yesterday and I didn't feel exhausted before or after.

Liz, thank you for everything and I know that I will be coming back to you again soon and I will recommend you to everybody."

- Gina Espinosa, Peterborough

"To have such a caring therapist is worth its weight in gold, Liz is just that lady, I would highly recommend her for your reflexology or RLD, she has such empathy and knowledge."

- Rosemary Wells, Peterborough

"I have been coming to see Liz for over a year now with my two daughters aged 11 and 13 and we will continue to do so, unless Liz moves! We have all felt the extremely powerful benefits of reflexology and Liz's healing hands. My youngest rarely suffers from nightmares now and is calmer than previously and my eldest has ongoing problems with her sinuses which have been alleviated.  I just have a general feeling of well-being after a session and reflexology has helped me to manage stress, difficulties sleeping, as well as other niggles which could not be treated through conventional medicine. I recommend calling Liz to ask her advice on any health concern you may have and she will be able to discuss how reflexology could help and improve things.

- Catherine Vié, Stamford

"What can I say that hasn't been said already? I too have been to Liz a few times and have had very good results. I am now in remission from Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma of the spleen and have been for 18 months. I am still prone to chest infections, after having another dose of antibiotics I was still left with a cough and sinusitis, I contacted Liz and after one session I was less congested and had a good nights sleep. I think she has me for life."

- Mary Poulter, Oundle

"Just a note to say a huge thank you for the kindness and support you have given to me over the past eighteen months. I am usually a strong and practical person but our fertility battle floored me and I really don't think I could have handled so much negativity without you. Reflexology helped me gain some kind of control back over a situation completely out of my control. You are a star and I will be forever grateful."

- Anon, Stamford

"I cannot rate Liz highly enough, a truly lovely lady, with a lot of experience, she made me feel so welcome at every session I had, you have definitely helped me to become a better and more positive person, and I cannot thank you enough, I have loved our little chats and will definitely be coming back for more sessions, thank you xxx"

- Gemma Loughlin Pepper, Stamford

"A great boost to emotional and physical wellbeing. Liz has really helped me with so much in the past year. I can't ever imagine being without this monthly treat now! Great therapy. x"

- Eleanor Davis, Duddington

"In early June, I suddenly became almost totally deaf in both ears. During the weeks that followed, I met with little help from my GP and continued in my silent world. Then I came to see Liz, and instantly felt physically better, but no improvement in my hearing. However, after about 6 sessions, the hearing miraculously began to come back, and now I can hear as well as I could before the deafness appeared. It is like a miracle, believe me, to have my hearing restored, and to feel so well, also. Liz is so encouraging and thorough, it is a pleasure to come for treatments. Her whole attitude is so positive, and helpful. I can't thank her enough for what she has done for me."

- Margaret Woodall, Stamford

"I went to see Liz after experiencing fertility problems, I am pleased to say I am 13 weeks pregnant and owe Liz huge thanks for all her help. I truly believe I would not be in this position without her help. She is such a calming and soothing influence that I cannot see how anyone would not feel better after visiting her. After being told I would most probably have to have IVF to conceive naturally has been a miracle (with help from Liz). Thanks again Liz! X"

- Kirsty Lamb, Oakham

"Absolutely incredible. I've been experiencing undiagnosed symptoms since receiving a jab against foreign diseases. After two sessions, I can feel my body returning to it's natural state. Beautifully relaxing, this is great for the mind, body and soul. I will be making it a regular visit and can't recommend Liz and her reflexology enough, she does wonders!"

- Sarah-Mae Yardley, Stamford

"I hadn't thought it would make so much difference to my general health! I initially started treatment with a view of having a few sessions for a specific injury but now I can quite safely say I'm going to be a regular as it's done wonders for my general health/aches/pains and to my absolute delight my skin! A wonderful way to make most of your health in mind, body and soul. Liz is not only professional but due to her kind nature she is a real pleasure to receive treatment from. Thank you!"

- Nicky Munroe, Yarwell

"I have been visiting Liz for reflexology sessions in her beautiful cottage at least every other week since November 2011. I look forward to going so much. As well as keeping me physically active (I have rheumatoid arthritis), these sessions are also my treat, something for me as good as a holiday. Seeing Liz is a whole thing, she's gentle, caring and very good at what she does - also her medical background gives you confidence in her abilities. I can't recommend her enough."

- Sue Sharpe, Oakham

"I rang Liz and instantly warmed to her so decided to give reflexology a go. I turned up and was greeted with a lovely smile to make me feel welcome. Liz has a way of putting you at ease. She asked about me and all my symptoms as unfortunately having fibromyalgia there are quite a few! I didn't feel rushed and chatted away so she could get to know what my body experiences. I have been going for about 3 months now and feel so much more relaxed and energised. I will definitely keep going for her to fine tune me! As well as that I look forward to our chats."

- Penny Goose, Peterborough

"As soon as you arrive for treatment, at her beautiful home, Liz makes you feel special.  A total professional therapist Liz genuinely cares about your wellbeing.  She gives the highest level of treatment and you immediately feel relaxed and have confidence in her knowledge.  Initially I went to Liz to indulge myself in a few hours relaxation. However, after a couple of sessions I realised ailments I had been ignoring or putting down to 'getting older' started to improve. My sleeping pattern has been disturbed for months but now I have more nights where I can sleep through and wake up in the morning refreshed. Hot flushes and night sweats that accompanied the menopause have disappeared completely. I have more energy, am less stressed and a calmer person and generally feel much healthier.  After an initial 6 treatments I have now made reflexology with Liz a regular part of my life and look forward to every session."

- Sue Yardley, Stamford

"I have suffered from stress and anxiety over the last few years and have tried many ways to keep this under control. A few months ago I started to have regular treatments from Liz with incredible results! She is extremely knowledgeable and gifted and I feel so much better in every way!"

- Sandra,Stamford

"I have been having reflexology treatments from Liz for a couple of complaints in the past 2 years, but most recently for fertility issues. The sessions helped me to relax and stay calm through my cycle of IVF. I am happy to say I am now 31 weeks pregnant and continue to see Liz for her magic touch to help with the aches and pains of pregnancy. The sessions also leave me feeling energised and help combat the pregnancy related fatigue I was experiencing. Thank you Liz."

- Melanie Oswold, Market Deeping

"Dear Liz, thank you for the gift of healing. I can't begin to tell you the relief I feel in my feet - a slight tingling and absolutely NO pain.....long may it last!"

- Louise Smith, Peterborough

"I had been struggling with infertility for years and had a couple of failed IVF attempts behind me before I met Liz. I had 6 sessions of Reflexology before my final IVF attempt. The sessions were so relaxing and calm and I felt so pampered. Liz would work her magic and I would just float out after each appointment feeling on top of the world. I was so much calmer in my last IVF cycle and I have Liz to thank for that. I am now six months pregnant - it worked! If you haven't tried Reflexology before - you should certainly give it a go."

- Bryoney Abell, Peterborough

"I have been having some on-going problems with my kidneys for the last few years, so thought I would give some reflexology a go! I can't explain the massive difference Liz has made already. My kidneys used to make life so much harder than it should have been. It's such a relaxing experience and environment from the moment you walk through the door: two hours of pure bliss every week for me to look forward to, and I love every second of it, AND it's improving my health!! What could be better?!! If you're thinking of trying it, you've really got nothing to lose, I can't recommend it enough."

- Flora Tkacyck-Harrison, Stamford

"Reflexology treatments are amazing, so relaxing and very professional. Highly recommended."

- R Wells, Peterborough

"Dear Liz, I just want to thank you so much for the wonderful reflexology that you did for me last week.  After just one session I have noticed a real difference.  After leaving your house feeling so relaxed, I went home and that night I had the best nights sleep that I can honestly remember!  I woke up feeling totally refreshed and energised. I shall be telling everyone about you! I can't wait to come back next week!"

- Fiona Harrison, Stamford

"Having had reflexology with Liz I would have no hesitation in recommending her. I originally saw Liz because I had been suffering from chronic back pain, for over two years, which made walking very difficult. I was on daily pain killers - I am so very pleased to find that after a course of reflexology things have significantly improved and my use of pain relief has reduced to occasional use. Thank you Liz"

- Theresa Burgess, Peterborough